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At Eastwood Homes, our mission is to construct new homes well above today’s building code and to make our homes more comfortable, efficient and healthy.  Through years of experience, hundreds of homes constructed and constant education and certifications, we have certainly learned things along the way.

Most new homes are built to the minimum Canadian Building Code, but not at Eastwood!  If you have had problems with uncomfortably hot or cold rooms, uneven temperatures throughout the house, or high heating and cooling bills, a new Eastwood Home will certainly put measures in place during the construction of your new home that will save you thousands in electricity costs, and most importantly, live in a much healthier environment for you and your family for years to come.

Everything you need to know about home comfort

Meeting our team for a consultation, we thoroughly discuss our building practices and educate you on our methods and why you should put your trust in us.  You will receive information about a variety of key areas that affect home comfort and efficiency and how we will improve the quality of your home and save hundreds of dollars every month on electricity costs. Although the fundamentals of home construction are the same, newer products and methods have been developed and “Building Science” has been introduced into the building process.

Eastwood Homes focuses on a "whole house" approach to home comfort and energy efficiency that is designed to provide maximum results for resolving comfort issues and reducing heating and cooling costs.

If you're ready to make your new home more comfortable and start saving money, call Eastwood Homes today to schedule your consultation and trust us to build your dreams.

About US




craig foley

With over 21 years of residential construction experience, Craig implemented his vision of founding his own residential construction company, with a focus on the client and their experience, as well as specializing in energy efficiency and high performance  building.  He is a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2003 and has marketed, sold and assisted in construction of hundreds of award winning homes. Since 2002, Craig has contributed to the construction of several subdivisions, hundreds of homes, renovations, both office and apartment buildings, and seven condominium buildings.  Craig is currently a licensed Real Estate Agent with Royal LePage Atlantic Homestead Ltd.

(709) 986-1973




Kari brings over 20 years of vast experience in the residential construction industry. From the ground up, Kari is an expert in all things build related. She has a passion for building beautiful homes and only accepts perfection in the finished project.

(709) 763-2053




Krista has been working in property management for years and found a love and interest in the real estate and construction business. She keeps everything at Eastwood Homes organized and takes care of all our accounting and office needs.

(709) 793-4663  ext 1

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